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Are you an SME in the manufacturing industry? We help you improve your social and environmental impact and change towards circular business practices


Here is what you need to know


is the name given to a giant tree system where all the individual trees share the same root. This powerful interconnected system is a perfect metaphor for how organisations in the value chain can work together and boost their impact. To transition to a prosperous and sustainable world we believe connected systems are key.


symbolizes the power of these interconnections.

In the same way that the shared root system is the key to the strength and resilience of Pando, we activate collaborations to help leaders and their teams to transition to sustainable and circular business practices.

Change, we believe, is a collective effort

Our approach triggers action

approach visualisation-pandocracy

Understanding your impact through visualisation


We start with collecting data and use scans and visual framing to help you understand the social and environmental impact and circularity of your products and your organisation. The insights gained through this visualisation process will allow you and your team to define new circularity and sustainability goals and identify actions to improve your social and environmental footprint.

approach inspiring tools-pandocracy

Informing and inspiring through insightful tools


To build your teams expertise and knowledge about social and climate impact and the circular economy, we have designed compelling and reflective exercises and tools. These allow management teams, employees and partners to creatively work together and discover how to incite positive change.

approach collaboration-pandocracy

Activating the actors in your value chain


With the strong belief that collaboration is at the root of a circular economy, we organise and facilitate workshops which include your value chain partners. By activating your collective wisdom, new insights and ideas will surface. This will result in solutions that support systemic change towards a circular economy.

What our clients say

“Pandocracy offers a powerful and practical methodology that I would highly recommend to every SME. Our work with them has shifted our organisation’s mindset and we have gained an invaluable understanding of the impact of our business on the environment. Their value chain workshop was particularly well received and eye-opening. We are now taking focussed actions and working closely together with our partners to improve our circularity and reduce our CO2 footprint.”


Frans Haafkens, CEO Famostar

About Us

We inspire and support individuals and businesses to make a positive change.
To do this we combine our design thinking skills and creativity, our engineering and business background with our drive for a sustainable future.

Caroline Kroon

“Through my experiences as an industrial designer, involved in the entire product development process and as a lecturer at the TU Delft Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, I have gained the skills needed to be an effective change agent. I like to challenge the status quo, inspire ‘out of the box thinking’ and make people aware of the impact of their actions. Design thinking and innovation is about finding new ways to improve what is around us, and I believe that a collaborative approach is the key to effecting change for the better.”

Pien Jager

“Besides my knowledge of sustainability and the circular economy, my background lies in innovation and brand building. I have worked with large and small organisations in Europe and it is especially the ‘agile’ mindset in companies that inspires me. I believe that innovation, design thinking and storytelling play an important role in improving our world and making it more sustainable. Therefore, I want to use these skills to help leaders and their teams to transform their mindset, organisation, products, brands and value chain. I also teach courses at the TU Delft covering both sustainability and circularity which enables me to play a part in shaping the next generation of leaders.”

Let’s move towards a socially just, ecologically safe and circular world. Together.


Our Promise

Our approach results in greater awareness about impact areas, ambitious sustainability and circularity goals and objectives, tangible action plans, activated partnerships, new initiatives, product innovation and new marketing narratives.

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